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Community Group Questions | 03.10 | Philippians 3:4b-12

GRACE — SPRING 2024-15-SDS—1920x1080


  1. How would you describe the nature of pride?
  2. How does pride affect our relationships?
  3. How have you seen pride as the reason behind other sins in your life? (e.g. gossiping, lying, speaking unkind words, etc.)
  4. What are some things “in the flesh” in which we often try to find our identity and value? How would that lead us to pride?
  5. How can our current struggles with pride be an opportunity to look into our own hearts?
    How did Paul’s encounter with Jesus free him from enslavement to pride? Where did Paul find his value and identity after seeing Jesus?
  6. How can Jesus become our greatest treasure? How would resting in Him will dismantle our pride?