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ACE: Adult Christian Ed

Classes will be held in-person at church and sometimes over livestream. Join us as we encourage each other in fellowship, discussion, and Bible study. Check the events calendar for dates, times, and more information or the announcements page. Look down this page for past live streams and other classes.


What does it mean to be a Presbyterian or to be Reformed? Have you ever wondered how you would explain that to someone else? This class is for you. I'll give you the "30 second elevator speech" in the first class and then we will go into more depth on what it means. The goal is to enable you to give an explanation to someone else in words and also to demonstrate it in your life.


There are a lot of words that could be used to describe Jeremiah, but one that comes to mind is "difficult". The time in Judah's history - difficult. The message Jeremiah was given to deliver - difficult. Jeremiah's life - difficult. Reading through the book today - can be, well, I think you get the picture. However, in the midst of the thunder clouds of judgment, we have a beautiful picture of peace and reconciliation, where God will remember sins no more and give new hearts. A new covenant, and through that, we are reminded even today that no situation is too far gone, no circumstance too bleak, no grip of sin too strong to be beyond the reach of our merciful God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the "Righteous Branch". Yes, these are still words we need today, so please join us in this overview of this Old Testament book.


Gospel Centered Parenting: Are you a parent of young children? Do you find yourself frustrated, confused, fearful, and filled with anxiety as you navigate life with your kids? This class will hopefully give us the hope and courage we need to learn how to give the gospel to our children and to ourselves. We don’t need another guilt producing book or technique that will magically solve all our issues. We don’t need more frustration, confusion and fear. We need Jesus and his gospel. Please join us for this 6 week class where we will be seeking a renewed trust in the life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ in our parenting.


Friday saw Jesus crucified, dead, and buried. On Sunday morning something happened that radically upset the expected outcome. Join Jeff Adams and Andy Yung in a discussion of the theological framework and the witness of the disciples as we look to “a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” (1 Peter 1:3) and attempt to be captivated by the wonder of that first Easter.


This online class is for anyone wanting to learn more about the minsitry of Grace Presbyterian Church. After watching, you can fill out a membership app to setup a meeting with our leadership.

ACE 2023: RUTH

Strange Alliances that Changed the World: A Study in the Book of Ruth. The focus of this Adult Christian Ed class will be how God used the alliances of three of his people who were very different but united in their faith, despite the obstacle of huge norms that would keep them apart, to lift them up and to further His redemptive purposes. Teacher: Joy Zeigler.


Each year we study a few chapters in the Westminster Confession of Faith. This spring we will be picking up where we left off with chapter 22. Join us on Sunday morning for a seven week study as we consider this important confession of faith. Teacher: Richard Davis.

The Bible is the Story of ...

What is the Bible about? We will be discussing and thinking together about the theme that ties the Scriptures together, from Genesis to Revelation. We will do an overview of the promises God makes in the history of redemption as well as how creation, fall, redemption, and renewal are a thread that connects the story of God's love for the world. (4.24, 5.1, 5.8, 5.22)


Dan Brink takes us through a course that focuses on the meaning and significance of the ascension.


In this 6 week course, our elders discuss the role of the church in our lives. We look at each of the five membership vows taken when you join GPC.

GraceLife Conference: Abby Hutto

A God for the Exhausted: We are often running on fumes and feeling overwhelmed by life. Is there another way to live in a performance-based culture that feeds on productivity? Through looking at various passages from the Scripture, Abby will invite us to ask this question: How could my life be different with the Lord as my Shepherd? As we look at the Scripture, we see our need to be cared for and how we were made to be shepherded by God. God promises to be our shepherd and our friend, but what kind of shepherd is he? We contrast Jesus to other “shepherds” who have mistreated and used us, who would ultimately drive us into the ground. When we let go, we find that Jesus is the one our hearts have been longing for. Only in his presence can we find rest for our exhausted souls.

GraceLife Conference Podcast can be found here.