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Sunday Worship: 10:30a | Sunday Schools: 9:30a


Descriptions of each class can be found below.

Session 1: Welcome!  In this first session, there is a bit of an introduction to Grace and what this class will be all about. We encourage new folks to watch so they can learn about the who Grace is. Members can benefit from this refresher as well. Brad discusses the "why" of the church in our lives and our world as well as the centrality of the message of grace for everyone.

Session 2: What we believe. Here we discuss some of the theological commitments of Grace as we discuss community, God's pursuit of his people, and what we mean by reformed.

Session 3: Ministries of Grace.  The third session of the Intro to Grace class includes brief descriptions about our childrens ministry, student ministry, Sunday schools, community groups and more. Brad will also discuss some key things to think about as you nourish your relationship with God and walk with Christ.

Session 4: Worship.  In session 4, we will dig deeper into why we worship, how we worship at Grace, as well as what baptism and communion mean for followers of Christ.

Session 5: Leadership at Grace:  Grace Presbyterian Church is part of Mission to North America (PCA). In this session, we will talk about how our church is lead and cared for.

Session 6: Becoming a Member.  If you are ready to become a member at Grace, then this session is for you! Brad will talk about expectations of membership, the membership vows, and the next steps to take in order for you to join the church.

You can also check out our course The Church taught by our elders.