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Zoom Book Study: One Blood by John Perkins

One Blood

Zoom Book Study: One Blood by John Perkins.

We are going to have a book club over Zoom this fall. One Blood has a study guide in it that we will use to guide our conversation as we seek to understand what the Bible has to say about reconciliation. Perkins writes,

"Many of us have struggled with the big question of how to make lasting strides in the area of biblical reconciliation. As I look back on a life that has been devoted to this great mystery, I want to try to offer us a path back. Not back to our history that has been littered with missteps and misguided notions, but a path back to what God intended for His church. A path back to the experience of Pentecost, when people from all over the known world heard the glorious message of salvation in their own language. That was reconciliation at its very best. And it’s a beautiful picture." 

All are welcome to attend but please register to receive the zoom link. See details below for our meeting schedule. Click here to register and you will be sent the zoom link.