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May 22nd (Mark 13) Community Group Questions

  1. Read Mark 13 as a group. Who is asking Jesus about the future? Does Jesus answer their question?
  2. In Mark 13:32, Jesus reminds us that only the Father in heaven knows the hour or day when all of these things will come to pass. How does this inform and direct our hearts when people speak of the end of the world or even the danger of it?
  3. How does what we read in Mark 13:26-30 bring us hope?
  4. Jesus is prophesying about his immediate future (His crucifixion), the future of the temple (the destruction of the temple in 70 AD), and the future of the church (the last days) in Mark 13. Where do you see each of these timeframes referenced in Mark 13? Why is his teaching more clear to us than perhaps it was to the original audience? How does this shape our faith?
  5. Think about the story Jesus tells in Mark 13:34-36. Jesus remindsm us that the Father's intention is for us to serve faithfully but to also "to keep watch." What are ways we can do both of these things well so that we are not so "heavenly minded that we are no earthly good?"
  6. Consider writing down questions you have from this text that were not addressed in the sermon or that you would like to know more about. Jesus makes clear some things but he also clearly communicates that there is mystery as well. Are we comfortable with mystery? Why or why not?