Sundays: Worship, 10:30am & Sunday Schools, 9:30a

May 1 - Mark 10:32-52

  1. In Mark 10:32-38, Jesus reminds his disciples of his mission.  What do the disciples rightly understand about Jesus' mission and what things are they overlooking?
  2. In Mark 10:39-45, James and John make a request of Jesus. What is right about their request and what have they missed? How does Jesus explain what it means to really be part of his kindom and participate in greatness?
  3. Discuss ways we can serve those in our lives. Why is it sometimes difficult to serve others? By serving one another, we are following Jesus' words to James and John. How is the church called to immitate this greatness and how can we encourage one another as we do so?
  4. In Mark 10:46-52, we meet Bartimaeus. What does Bartimaeus call Jesus and what does this communicate about who Jesus is to Bartimaues? What seems to happen to Bartimaues once he encounters Jesus and sees Him for who He really is?
  5. Christians are called to follow Jesus and to live life in light of the promises of the coming Kingdom. Jesus says the kingdom has already begun in our hearts so what are ways we can live that communicate to ourselves and others that we want to see this kingdom come more and more into existence?