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March 6th - Mark 9:14-32: Paradoxical Faith


Sermon Text: Mark 9:14-32

  1. Read Mark 9:14-32 together. Consider each of the groups and characters mentioned briefly.
  2. In verse 19, Jesus addresses the way in which the disciples have tried to help the boy. Why does Jesus respond this way? What does it say about how the disciples have approached healing the boy?
  3. Consider how Jesus interacts and expresses empathy with the father and the boy. What does this tell us about Jesus' understanding of what both of them have gone through as well as Jesus' eventual healing of the boy?
  4. In 9:28-30, we get to listen in on a discussion between the disciples and Jesus. They seem sincerely interested to know why they couldn't help the father and the boy. How does Jesus respond? What does this tell us about prayer?
  5. We learn that prayer is a significant gift all those who trust in Jesus are given access to. Discuss what is difficult about prayer as well as why prayer gives us power?
  6. Jesus reminds the disciples again in 9:30-32 exactly what his Father has said about his mission. We read they still did not understand and were afraid to ask. They were afraid that his mission would mean that they too would be rejected, suffer, and die but that they would also rise with him (just as the boy did). What sort of things today will we encounter as we pray and follow Jesus? How does he promise that we will rise bring us hope and sustain our faith?
  7. Pray this week the Lord's prayer, being mindful of asking the Lord to bring his Kingdom in a special way in your life, the lives of those you love, and in the mission of Grace Presbyterian Church. Pray that we are a people who are actively seeking to ask the Lord to give us a heart that says, "I believe Lord, but help my unbelief."