Sunday Worship: 10:30a | 9.10 - Sunday Schools: 9:30a

March 27th - Mark 11:1-11: True Greatness

  1. Think together as a group about the idea of "greatness." What are some examples of great people that come to mind?
  2. Discuss some examples of the great things Jesus has done up to this point in Mark 11.  Would these expressions of "greatness" be considered "great" today
  3. How does Jesus invite his disciples to participate with him in his triumphal entry?
  4. In the sermon, Brad mentioned how Christ combines qualities that normally don't go together. For example, Jesus is called both the Lion and the Lamb. What other qualities does Jesus carry perfectly together?
  5. How can we practically experience true greatness offered to us in the gospel?
  6. Jesus enters into Jerusalem, rides on a colt, the crowds through palm branches down before him, and then enters into the temple courts. Why are these details important for us to notice and what does it tell us about Jesus?
  7. Jesus, in his greatness, shows each of us perfect love. He also calls us to love one another with the same kind of love he has given to us. What will it take for each of us to learn to love others like Jesus loves us?