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Community Group Questions: 3.5.2023 (Acts 13)

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  1. Read Acts 13:38. What do we learn about God's posture toward the world from this verse?
  2. In the sermon today, Brad discussed three different groups: The Unlikely (vs. 1-3), The Self-Assured (vs. 5 and 14), and The Unreachable (vs. 6-12). Which of these three do you most identify with? Which of these three are hardest to believe for you that God is interested in? Why?
  3. Acts 13:41 is a quote from the Prophet Habbakuk. What is the "something" that happens in Acts 13:48 that Habbakuk says, "you would never believe."?
  4. What in Acts 13 is most interesting to you and share that with one another.
  5. Where do we see the authority, intelligence, and power of those who opposed Barnabas and Paul in Acts 13? Discuss some of the responses of those who did not oppose them. What is the fruit in the life of those who opposed the message of Acts 13:32 and 13:38) vs. those that believed it.