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Community Group Questions: 2.26.2023 (Acts 12)

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  1. Reads Acts 12 together.
  2. There are different kingdoms at work in Acts 12. Discuss those different kingdoms and consider the different forms of opposition the church experiences in Acts 12 (ex. intimidation, injustice, etc.).
  3. Discuss the actions and results of King Herod's ways in his kingdom. Discuss the results and actions of God's ways in Jesus' Kingdom.
  4. Brad mentioned three areas of progress the church makes in the face of opposition (progress as a praying people, progress as a spiritually sensitive people, and progress as people of a Sovereign Lord). Which of these three brings you the most comfort and encouragment?
  5. Often times, what we perceive as progress can lead to oppostion and what we perceive as opposition may lead to progress. How can we know how to distinguish between progress and oppostion that pleases the Lord?
  6. We read about Herod taking the life of the Apostle James in Acts 12:2. We also read about Peter's miracoulos deliverance in Acts 12:11. Surely the church prayed for both! How do we reconcile the way in which God answers our prayers if he always hears the prayers of his people? (FYI: James in Acts 12:17 is one of Jesus' brothers)
  7. In Acts 12:5, we read that "the church was earnestly praying to God for him (Peter)." We also read many examples of the people being surprised that God responded to their prayers (Acts 12:11, 12, 15, 16). Though we know the Lord calls us to commune with him through prayer, why is it so difficult? What do we learn from Acts 12 that might encourage us to "earnestly pray"?