Sunday Worship: 10:30a | Sunday Schools (Resumes 1.21)

Community Group Questions: 2.19.2023 (Acts 10)

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  1. Read Acts 10 together. Take a few minutes and discuss both Peter and Cornelius' background and story. 
  2. Discuss both Peter and Cornelius' response to what the Lord commands them to do. Visions are not normal experiences even for Christians in the New Testament, but think about what we learn about Peter and Corenlius' spiritual condition as they respond.
  3. What is Peter learning about who all the Lord is including in his Kingdom? Can you think of certain groups that we are tempted to exclude?
  4. What do we see in Acts 10 that reminds us that God is interested in having a relationship with us both individually and corprately?
  5. Brad read Colossians 2:16-17 this morning and talked about how the fullness of what we find in the Scriptures is leading us to more and more trust in the reality of Christ. What areas of your do you find it easy and difficult to believe this is true?
  6. Consider the fact that our failures don't exclude us from God's grace, our achievements don't qualitfy us for it, and that even our misunderstanding of God and his ways don't dissuade Christ from pursuing us. Only trusting in God's inclusive invitation of grace to forgive us in Christ is what makes it possible for us to know and live in him. What are ways God has given us to grow in our understanding of the gospel more and more over our lifetime? What is his means of converting our hearts to believe in his grace each and every day?