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Community Group Questions: 1.29.2023 (Acts 8:1-25)

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  1. In this text, we see lots of miracolous things take place. Discuss a few of the miracles you see here and ask, "What do these miraculous things teach us about the reign of Christ?" 
  2. Consider the difference between the miracolous things Peter, John, and Philip perform and those of Simon the Sorcerer. Do you notice who the people are moved to be amazed by with Simon vs. the others? What does this tell us about Simon's real interest in his baptism and the Kingdom of God?
  3. Rather than condemn Simon, Peter offers him a way out in vs. 20 and following. What are Simon's options and what are the results?
  4. The "good news" or the gospel is meant to reveal our hearts. The gospel asks us, "What is my heart most amazed by and what will I allow to guide my heart, mind and strength." 2 thoughts: What can encourage you to follow "God's way out" in the gospel when your heart is drawn to sin. Second, how does God's approach to you inform and direct how you approach other people in their sin?