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Community Group Questions 10-30-22

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Community Group Questions 10/30/22


  1. When you face opposition, whether it’s external or internal, where do you typically go for help? What does the early teach us is primary when faced with opposition? Why?
  1. What is the pattern of prayer that Acts 4:24-30 teaches us? How can we slow down and apply this pattern of prayer to our lives? How might we pray when we are praying for healing for someone, or another situation? Discuss. 
  1. Joni Erickson Tada says, “God permits what he hates in order to accomplish what he loves.” Does that disturb you? Comfort you? Discuss. How does the church in Acts show they understand this and what does it drive them to do?
  1. Is our prayer life, and lives in general shaped by mission? What might this look like for you?
  1. Why does boldness produce generosity? Why does security in the grace of Jesus produce generosity? Discuss.
  1. What does generosity look like for you?
  1. Read the Merida quote in the front of your bulletin. How can we intentionally pursue being a generous people?