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April 17th - Mark 10:17-31

  1. How deep is your understanding of the commandments? Do you think of them as commands from God that require purity of your words and thoughts as well as your actions? It might be helpful here to go through the second table of the law, commandment by commandment, asking your own heart this question.
  2. Have you found this story somewhat confusing, or are you troubled by the words that Jesus says to this man? Discuss. 
  3. Jesus asks a very challenging question: “What governs the choices that we make?” Is it our present comfort, security, and happiness, or is it the life to come? Are we saving up for ourselves treasures in heaven, or merely spending and saving treasures on this earth?
  4. Calvin said that our hearts are idol factories. What about the idols of your heart? If you were to meet Jesus today, what question or challenge might he bring to you that would send you away sorrowful? Have you ever forsaken any idol to follow Jesus?
  5. Do you understand that each one of these questions is so difficult that you are required to answer, “Lord, this is impossible for me to do -- you must change my heart, or else I will die without ever knowing or serving you! I cannot save myself”?
  6. What is your response to the point about earning the right to ask people penetrating questions?
  7. Do you understand that saving people is impossible for you? It is, of course, possible for God. Discuss.