Sundays: Worship, 10:30am & Sunday Schools, 9:30a

April 10: Mark 9:38-50

  1. Read Mark 9:38-50
  2. Discuss John's question to Jesus about the one who is casting out demons? Consider also Jesus' response in vs. 38-41. What does his concern seem to be?
  3. An interesting thing to consider is the church plays today in assessing if something is pleasing to God or not. If you consider the actions and the outcomes of the man who is casting out demons, what are the results of what he is doing? Why do you think John seems to consider the "authorization" question as a first order of business?
  4. In vs. 42, we learn about Jesus' very clear desire for us to love children and to care for their well-being. How can we do this as a church and individually at Grace Presbyterian Church?
  5. In vs. 43-48, we learn about the importance of our understanding how sin works. What does Jesus' use of this powerful imagery tell us about the nature of sin?
  6. Vs. 49 reminds us that everyone will be "salted with fire", that there is no hiding before God? What is a unnerving about this and how does the gospel gives us hope to face the Lord?
  7. Thinking about vs. 50, consider ways the church can be "salt" in one another's lives. How does first knowing Christ's love and peace for us enable us to be salt that brings love and peace in the lives of others?