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2.06.2022 Community Group Questions

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1. The American Psychological Association defines anger in this way, "“Anger is an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong.” Have you ever felt this emotion? What is similar and dissimilar between how Jesus defines anger in Matthew 5:21-22 and this definition?

2. Describe the emotions you experience when you are angry. How does the emotion of anger shape your understanding of God and other people?

3. Is anger something that is safe to allow to reside in your heart? Why? What is the difference between our anger and the Lord's?

4. Read Matthew 5:23-24. Why is confronting anger so significant for our ability to worship?

5. Do you ever think God is angry at you? How does the message of God's grace for us in the gospel help you to be secure in his love for you (Read John 10:27-30)?