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02.20.2022 Community Group Questions

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1. What comes to mind when you think of generosity? When is it hard to be generous and when is it easy?

2. In what ways is God generous to us? How do we live and think as if we do not believe that is true of him?

3. In 6:9-13, Jesus gives us a prayer. What do we learn about the Father's posture toward us? Why it is important for us to understand His posture toward us before we attempt to live into these things?

4. The Lord offers grace to us. Jesus explains how giving ourselves to other things devours us. Where do you find it difficult to trust in Jesus' promise of generosity?

5. Consider praying this prayer each day this week (6:9-14). Ask the Lord to convince your heart of his generosity so much that you might begin to live grace generously.