Sunday Worship: 10:30a | Sunday Schools (Resumes 1.21)

01.23.2022: Community Group Questions

SermonontheMount 1080x700

1. Jesus is describing what his kingdom is like in the sermon on the mount. When you read Matthew 5:1-12, what seems to make the most sense and what seems to be the most challenging?

2. Jesus uses the metaphor of salt/light to describe what his people and his kingdom are meant to be like. How have Christians acted this out? Are there examples of being salt/light that you see in our community that are helpful and unhelpful?

3. Read Matthew 5:16. What happens when God's people are living out Jesus' teaching?

4. What do you think are the greatest barriers for us when we seek to live into being salt and light? How has God given us grace to do so?